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Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan; Priest Mary Theresa Streck; Angela Hanley

Angela Hanley said the Irish Church is collapsing before our eyes. She is particularly concerned for the many who have walked away. We have been subjected to cultural conditioning and a shame culture. But patriarchy will not relinquish its privilige and power. Nothing will be handed over willingly. Education is the key: Knowledge is power. It is a monumental waste of time to argue with the patriarchal system. Pope John Paul ll’s Ordination Sacerdotalis is intellectually unsustainable. Maybe the reform groups should form a network? Not for amalgamation but the share ideas? Her book “What happened to Fr Seán Fagan?” is being launched by Mary McAleese on 3 October 2019.

Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan said there are now 265 priests & deacons & bishops in the international Roman Catholic Women Priests Movement, which includes ARCWP https://arcwp.org). She stressed that all are co-participants in the sacraments. Eucharists are celebrated with ordained and non-ordained co-presiders. Shared homilies are a rich source for all. Everyone prays the Eucharistic Prayer together. There is a strong Celtic vision in these Eucharists.

Mary Theresa Streck was ordained a priest in 2013. She was a School Principal and was attracted to the house church model. “Original Blessing” by Matthew Fox (1982 or 1983) inspired her. Moving from deconstructing to reconstructing. ARCWP have a circular model of governance. The People’s Catholic Seminary ( https://www.pcseminary.org ) offers online courses on spirituality that are liberating, empowering and equal. Mary Theresa could not accept that a newborn infant could be tarnished with “original sin.”

Myra Noonan met Bridget Mary Meehan and May Theresa Streck last year and embarked on the PCS online course. She is now offering a 4 week course on the importance of 4 women (Mary Magdalene; Phoebe; Lydia and Prisca) in the Margaret Aylward Centre starting on 18 September 2019 (contact Myra at nmyra@live.ie )

Myra Noonan; Priest Mary Theresa Streck; Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan