“WHY” by John Chuchman

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People have asked

why they no longer see me in church.

I simply answer,

Why would I want to be associated with

an organization that abuses children

and protects the abusers,

thus perpetuating the abuse,


Why would I wish to support an institution

that openly discriminates against

Women, Married Men, Gays, Lesbians,

and anyone of a different Faith,


Why would I wish to contribute to a hierarchy

that misuses my donated monies intended for the needy,

using the funds for pomp, lawyers and political causes

with which I disagree,


Why would I wish to be part of a closed culture

that forbids free-thinking, discussion, creativity,

and the questioning of antiquated ideas,

doctrine, dogma, teachings of the church,


Why would I wish to be a disciple of a religion

that claims to be the one true church of Jesus

while espousing and exhibiting behavior, ideas, and ideals

that are totally Unlike Jesus' teachings and life.


I simply answer

that I will always be Truly Catholic,

But Roman, never again.


(And to think, all this time I thought I had to be Roman

To be a True follower of Jesus,

as if He would want His Disciples to be so.)

Love, John