“What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church”

“What About Me? Women and the Catholic Church”

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Dr. Sharon Tighe-Mooney

Sharon decided to write her book after learning in 2010 that Pope Benedict had decided to upgrade the sin of ordaining women to be an even bigger sin! So something that can not happen according to church laws (ordaining women) was to be as serious a sin as something that was happening (clerical sexual abuse of children)!

Mary T. Malone’s trilogy was a Godsend for her research. Men wrote all the gospels and women were largely overlooked. Yet a scholar has recently counted over 60 women referred to in the New Testament.

Was the gender of Jesus disciples the most important factor in following Jesus? Was this only relevant in the first century? Why was the maleness of Jesus pivotal, while his ministry was not discussed?

Yet numerous Synods and Councils found it necessary to ban women from ministry – indicating that women WERE in fact ministering in the church. Maintaining Structure and Tradition has been the primary consideration for the patriarchal hierarchy. Sharon’s research confirmed that the male only Catholic priesthood is mainly based on Papal documents and not on the gospels.

It is reported that less than 5% of people have read the bible. And there are 30,000 strains of Christianity.

Sharon took a full year to read the bible. She is now on Round 2. She found the bible tells us that we are supposed to be discerning. The first letter of John tells us not to believe all testaments and to beware false prophets.

For over 1,000 years unbaptised infants were said to be in “limbo”. They were buried in unconsecrated ground, causing much anguish and heartbreak. Yet when the Vatican revised its teaching on limbo, it only said “limbo MAY not exist”!

The video of Dr Sharon Tighe-Mooney’s talk on 14 October 2019 to WAC Ireland is available on the WAC YouTube Channel

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Sr. Cora Richardson presenting Dr. Sharon Tighe-Mooney with a framed "Last Supper" print

Sr. Cora Richardson and Dr. Sharon Tighe-Mooney with the framed "Last Supper" print

Sr. Cora Richardson thanks Dr. Sharon Tighe-Mooney