WAC Press Release: WMoF censors Bishop’s comments

WAC Press Release: WMoF censors Bishop’s comments

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PRESS RELEASE     5 March 2018

World Meeting of Families censors Bishop’s inclusive comments about gay couples raising children

We Are Church Ireland is outraged at the latest insult to LBGTI families exhibited by the organisers of the WMoF which Pope Francis is due to attend in August.

The first insult was the elimination of text and a picture of a gay couple from the brochure for the WMoF event

This second snubbing of the Catholic LBGTI community consists in the removal of remarks by U.S. based Bishop David O'Connell in a video in which he had expressed an inclusive view of Church which included all modern forms of family including gay couples raising children, people in second marriages and single parent families.

This, behind the scenes, eliminations of text, photos and video relating to LBGTI families from WMoF's promotional material must be a cause of serious concern to all Catholics who advocate a more inclusive Church.

"It further raises the question of who is dictating this return to a pre Vatican 2 model of Church and which is deliberately ignoring the example of Pope Francis who wants an inclusive and compassionate Church based on Gospel values." stated Brendan Butler spokesperson.

Brendan Butler, We are Church spokesperson.

Mobile 086 4054984

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