WAC Ireland Press Statement on the election of Pope Francis

WAC Ireland Press Statement on the election of Pope Francis

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We pray for the new Pope Francis on his election and hope the Holy Spirit will accompany him for the betterment of the whole Church and a return to the simplicity of the Gospel as exhibited by St. Francis.

Joined by all faithful Catholics around the globe, we are calling on the new Pope, the new Bishop of Rome to follow the demands for a renewed Church.

Firstly, he needs to start to reform the Vatican and  to make the decision making processes  inside  the Roman Curia and  the Vatican Bank transparent.

The new Pope needs to set collegial structures where he devolves power to local churches.

We need a Church committed to social justice, especially to the poor and disadvantaged.

We hope that the new Pope will build bridges to other religions so that we can all work together for peace, justice and development.

We need equal rights for men and women respected in the Church if we want to have the credibility to foster human rights and justice outside the church in the world

We need a new understanding of priesthood, which would include married priests.

We need a radical revision of moral teaching, especially on contraception and homosexuality.

The future of the Catholic Church depends on its seeking truth, justice, and reconciliation for the grave crimes committed by Catholic clergy worldwide.

The new Pope needs to put those teachings of the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) which are still valid into practice.

One of the keywords of Vatican 2 was dialogue. The new Pope and the Catholic hierarchy should now begin talks with all Catholic reform groups thereby respecting  the ‘Sensus Fidelium ‘ of the people of God.