WAC Ireland Press Release: Call for Synod on Human Sexuality

WAC Ireland Press Release: Call for Synod on Human Sexuality

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The publication of Pope Paul V1's encyclical, Humanae Vitae, on 25th July 1968 caused dissent and division within the Catholic Church not seen since the Reformation and fifty years later its legacy remains as controversial as ever, stated We Are Church Ireland.

In spite of Catholic couples having already decided on the legitimacy of their dissent against the hierarchical Church’s teaching on birth control Popes, Cardinals and Bishops still strenuously support the teaching of Humanae Vitae opposing artificial contraception.

This conflict between the sensus fidelium of the people of God and the teaching magisterium still remains unresolved with the institutional Church remaining implacably opposed to recognising the right of conscientious dissent against fallible hierarchical teaching.

This unresolved situation has greatly added to the growing lack of credibility of the teaching authority of the magisterium, both inside and outside the Catholic Church

While the ban against artificial birth control may be irrelevant to Catholic couples in Western Europe and North America who have rejected it in both theory and practice however in Asia, Latin America and Africa the Catholic hierarchical Church uses its diplomatic and political influence to oppose responsible family planning and the use of condoms even in life and death situations which adversely affects the lives of the most vulnerable families in these regions.

'After 50 years it is imperative that this controversial issue be revisited and reevaluated by a Synod representative of the total people of God so that a credible positive theology of sexuality based on the dignity of every human person will be its outcome.' stated Brendan Butler


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WAC Ireland Press Release 25 July 2018