WAC Ireland Notices

WAC Ireland Notices

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1. An anonymous donor has offered to pay for a stand at the World Meeting of Families. WAC Ireland intend to accept this very generous offer and apply for a stand.

2. We are delighted to welcome Ursula Halligan who has joined the WAC Ireland Core Group.

3. WAC Ireland have issued 2 Press Releases:
* Re the Referendum on the 8th Amendment
* Re state funding for WMoF unless LGBT couples welcomed

4. "St Hildegard of Bingen" talk by Dr Annette Esser at 2pm on Saturday 10th of March 2018 in the Lantern Centre

5. Colm Holmes will represent WAC Ireland at the WAC International meeting in Rome 16 -18 March 2018

6. Margaret Lee and Brendan Butler will represent WAC Ireland at the Priests & Lay Associations meeting in Bratislawa in June 2018

7. The WAC Ireland AGM will be at 2pm on Saturday 16th of June 2018 featuring an interview with Mary McAleese and Ursula Halligan

8. Please note that we are seeking two new members for our Core Group at our AGM as Phil Dunne and Brendan Butler are stepping down after many years of dedicated and committed service.