Vatican sets 4 Jan 2015 deadline for women to answer 4 questions

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Happy New Year Greetings!

The Pontifical Council for Culture and the Vatican's "Women's Consultation Group" have launched a video campaign asking women (un-ironically?): "who you are, what you do, what you think about your being a woman, your strengths, your difficulties, your body, and your spiritual life."

The Vatican will host a meeting in February 2015 to reflect on four issues:

1) Between equality and difference: the quest for an equilibrium

2) "Generativity" as a symbolic code

3) The female body: between culture and biology

4) Women and religion: flight or new forms of participation in the life of the Church?

Until the deadline of 4 January 2015 the Council for Culture is crowd-sourcing one minute videos and photos to answer these questions.

 Send videos and pictures to the Vatican's

  Click here to visit Pontifical Council for Culture Website