Tina Beattie launches “Last Supper” painting by Nora Kelly

Tina Beattie launches “Last Supper” painting by Nora Kelly

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Tina Beattie unveiled the "Last Supper" painting by Irish artist Nora Kelly on 8 June 2019.

She described the painting as "a special image, beautifully lit - just real! That's what we do when we go to mass."

Click here for video of Tina Beattie unveiling "Last Supper" painting

Postcards of this "Last Supper" painting can be purchased on the We Are Church website.

THE LAST SUPPER                                            

This painting of the Last Supper includes 6 women and 3 children, as well as Christ and His 12 apostles. Most classic paintings of the Last Supper (like Leonardo DaVinci’s Masterpiece) only show Christ and His 12 male apostles. But we know from scripture that Christ’s women disciples and His mother Mary had followed Him from Galilee up to Jerusalem, and the next day it was the women who were at the foot of the cross when the men ran away. This painting also shows a traditional Jewish Passover meal, with all the men wearing prayer shawls, eating with their right hands and reclining around a low table on cushions and rugs. On the right side of the painting can be seen the basin and a towel from the washing of the feet.

Artist:               Nora Kelly, from Ireland

Tina Beattie unveils "Last Supper" with Colm Holmes

Tina Beattie describing the painting

John Farrelly presenting a framed print of the "Last Supper" to Tina Beattie

"Last Supper" by Irish artist Nora Kelly