Support for Fr Roy Donovan’s call for justice for women   

Support for Fr Roy Donovan’s call for justice for women   

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WAC IRELAND PRESS RELEASE                                                  15 August 2017

'We are Church Ireland' expresses its full support for Father Roy Donovan's call for the ordination of women to the priesthood and diaconate in the Catholic Church.

We also agree with Fr. Donovan's view that expanding the male only diaconate is preempting the outcome of Pope Francis' Commission on the diaconate for women.

One of the five aims of 'We are Church Ireland' is to work to end the injustice against women within the Catholic Church  preventing them from being ordained ministers and taking their rightful leadership positions within the administration of our Church.

'We call upon the leadership of the Catholic Church to take heed of this prophetic call by Fr. Roy Donovan, for justice for women within the Catholic Church', stated Brendan Butler, spokesperson for We are Church Ireland.

Brendan Butler, We are Church spokesperson.

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