"Rebuild my church" ACC survey

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Let Your Voice Be Heard!

Pope Francis is offering all of us new hope in our beloved Church and he has called out many times for "dialogue, dialogue..."  Some have called this the "Francis Revolution" because he is turning all expectations upside down.  The American Catholic Council is joining this revolution in an active way and we invite you to help us discern the best way for all of us to engage and support the grassroots in creating change along with Francis.

We invite you to FILL OUT OUR VERY SHORT SURVEY as a next step in our mission to support you and your dreams to change the Church.  Toward that end, we hope you will also send this invitation and survey to a half dozen of your friends so that we can collaborate widely on planning next steps.  Together,  no matter how big our dream is, we can achieve much!

Survey will close on Monday, May 12th at noon EDT