Quotes from THE EMERGENT CHRIST, by Ilia Delio

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... nor can I thrive with an all-male monarchy for government

Although the inner universe is the discovery of each human soul as the expanding power of the universe, it is also the discovery of divine wisdom birthing the church. The new evolutionary breakthrough in consciousness is at odds with the medieval world in which the church thrives. But the Middle Ages are long over. Thomas Aquinas is dead; Bonaventure is dead; and the medieval cosmos no longer exists. The new breakthrough in consciousness cannot sustain the myth of God “above” or the story of the fall as the reason for Christ. It cannot support a theoretical or speculative theology that is abstract from the concrete world of evolution; it cannot flourish in a sterile environment of laws and books, nor can I thrive with an all-male monarchy for government. The new consciousness of love at the heart of evolution calls us to let go, embrace our poverty as human beings, and trust the Creator Spirit in our lives. Just as each soul must journey to God through the cross, so too the church must undergo a necessary death, a soul-searching journey, into wisdom. It must empty itself within in order to receive the Spirit of new life, the life of the risen Christ.

Without the necessary death that empowers transcendence toward unity in God, the church remains divided within. “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand” (Mk 3:25); however, the love of God endures forever. That is why the inner centre of evolution, the Christ who is coming to be, is finding a home outside the institutional church – in those who are living the Christ and giving witness to this mystery not by word but by example. If we are not prepared to participate in the evolving reign of God, then it will be given to others who are prepared to receive the mystery within them, who can awaken to the Spirit of newness in love and travel the path of wisdom. Eye has not seen, nor ear heard what God has prepared for those who love without counting the cost (cf. 1 Cor 2:9), for those who seek justice and peace, who desire an earth transformed in love; a new heaven and earth will be theirs.

Quotes from THE EMERGENT CHRIST, by Ilia Delio; ORBIS Books; http://www.orbisbooks.com/the-emergent-christ.html

(From Chapter 8 – ‘The Inner Universe’, page 136)