Press Release re UN committee report

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We are Church Ireland has been extremely concerned over the cover-up of  the extent of clerical sex abuse  by the Catholic Hierarchy including the Vatican .

We now welcome the report of the U.N. Committee on the rights of the Child especially its call for the Catholic Church to open its files on clergy who had concealed this heinous crime of clerical abuse and that it should acknowledge the extent of the crimes committed in its name .

We back  the call that the Vatican should remove all clergy who are known or are suspected of child sex abuse.

The Magdalen Laundries came in for special criticism by the U.N. Committee and it cited the Vatican for failing to provide justice despite the slavery –like conditions  including degrading treatment , violence and sexual abuse for over 10,000 young women who were incarcerated there over 70 years .

The recent establishment By Pope Francis of an ad-hoc Committee on Child abuse now needs to take on board all these recommendations by the U. N.  Committee.

‘We now need a full disclosure and acknowledgement of the cover-ups by  those members of the Hierarchy who were involved in these cover-ups and for them to  be removed from office . Only then can the Catholic Church Hierarchy  finally gain some credibility in the eyes of the faithful’ stated Brendan Butler , spokesperson of We are Church Ireland .

Further information  : Brendan Butler 086 4054984

5 February 2014