Pope Francis disappoints

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While  ‘ We are Church Ireland ‘ is very supportive of Pope Francis’s pastoral approach as Bishop of Rome it  is very disappointed with  his words  of 28th July 2013  at an impromptu press conference en route from Rio to Rome,  that the ‘door is closed ‘ on the ordination of women in the Catholic Church. He cited Pope John Paul 2 ‘s ban on women priests from 1994 but omitted to mention that the Vatican Pontifical Biblical Commission in 1976 could find no scriptural or theological basis against the exclusion of women from the priesthood.

Pope Francis has called for a ‘deeper theology of women ‘ but ‘what is needed is a renewed theology of sexuality and human rights within the Catholic Church  which emphasises the equality and rights of all the people of God to participate in all ministries and positions of authority and service within the Catholic Church’, stated  Brendan Butler,  Spokesperson,  We are Church Ireland .

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