PHOTO STORY: Police needed a BUS to arrest all these faith leaders.

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At the end of July, over 100 faith leaders and immigration supporters gathered together for a Day of Prophetic Action in Washington, DC.

Their goal: To hold President Obama to his promise to take executive action on immigration before the end of the summer, and support his call for humanitarian aid for migrant children.They were willing to risk arrest for this cause. Here is their story.

The morning of July 31st, over 100 faith leaders and activists in a rainbow of colorful T-shirts, collars, yarmulkes and clergy scarves filled the United Methodist Building in Washington, DC to kick off a Day of Prophetic Action with prayer.

Bishops, nuns, rabbis, pastors, workers and immigrants joined hands to ask for a peaceful day of protest against President Obama’s daily deportation of 1,100 aspiring Americans.


Next: The rally met outside of the White House in Lafayette Park, where powerful personal immigrant stories were told in English and Spanish, and faith leaders like Bishop Carcaño stood to call out the President and his administration for their inhuman immigration enforcement policies.



After the rally, the faith leaders and supporters linked arms, held their posters and banners high, and began their march to the White House, singing and chanting “Si se puede!”

As barricades went up to keep them from moving further, the protesters sat down to sing and chant as members of the press rushed to document their efforts.

Police began to give warnings to the protestors within an hour of the march—but were drowned out by the chants of 130 people of faith calling out for immigration justice.

Before 2pm, arrests began: Bishop Carcaño, Rev. John L McCullough and Sister Eileen Campbell were among those taken into custody. Because there were so many, a bus had to be called in to pick them up. A BUS.

July 31st people of faith took a stand, risking arrest to demand moral and compassionate action on behalf of America’s undocumented immigrants and child migrants. You can stand with them: call the White House at (866) 961-4293 and say “Mr. President, stop deportations now!”