Men in the church tell women what to do

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Men in the church tell women what to do.

Yet men lack primary experiences to understand women.

Plus, women are the increasing majority of the church

while the male clergy seem to be doing many things to shrink the church

and their own ranks.

Men who lack understanding and experiences of living as a woman

make decisions that don't resonate with women,

don't apply to women,

or harm women.

Not only are men in the church guiding women.

Unmarried men who have given birth to zero children

are telling women how to conduct themselves regarding conception, pregnancy and birth.

Hesitate to call priests "childless"

because, especially in the developing nations,

more than a few priests father children clandestinely.

Unfortunately, Francis has not yet seen the hegemony.

He recently announced the attendees

for his upcoming Synod on the Family

with all 26 voting members unmarried, childless, ordained men.

Yet, they are going to make decisions about women

and families and child-rearing.

Actually more than 71% of the 250 synod participants

are unmarried, male clergy.

Even amongst the non-voting observers and experts,

only a minority are women.

Pretty much all of those women are either avowed religious sisters

who don't have much child-bearing and child-rearing experience either

or are employed by church organizations.

A woman who runs a natural family planning organization

hardly represents the huge majority of Catholic women.

Francis, you say the church is a woman.

Then where are the women's voices of this womanly church?

Francis, chose participants that do not mirror the church.

Will She, the church, see herself in what they write or hear herself

in what they say?

Why should she listen to a disconnected minority?


John Chuchman