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Purchase "The Last Supper" Large Print

by Polish artist Bohdan Piasecki (97cm X 48 cm; 38" x 19")

The Last Supper


97cm x 48cm Large Print

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Purchase "The Last Supper" Medium Print

by Polish artist Bohdan Piasecki (42cm X 20 cm; 16.5" x 8")

The Last Supper


42cm x 20cm Medium Print

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Purchase "The Last Supper" Postcards (Pack of 12)

by Polish artist Bohdan Piasecki (21cm X 10cm; 8" x 4")

The Last Supper


21cm x 10cm Postcard

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Purchase NEW "Last Supper NK" Postcards (Pack of 12)

by Irish artist Nora Kelly (21cm X 15cm; 8" x 6")

Last Supper


21cm x 15cm Postcard

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Purchase "Pentecost" Print

by Irish artist Nora Kelly (34cm X 46 cm; 13" x 18")



34cm x 46cm Print

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Purchase "Mary of Magdala" Print

by Irish artist Emer O'Boyle (34cm X 46 cm; 13" x 18")

Mary of Magdala 'Apostle to the Apostles'


34cm x 46cm Print

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Purchase "Speak Out for Reform in the Catholic Church" by Joe Mulvaney

Speak out for Reform in the Catholic Church


173pp Book

€14 euro per book  Including Postage & Packaging in Ireland

€17 euro per book  Including Postage & Packaging outside Ireland


About Bohdan Piasecki's LAST SUPPER

Leonardo da Vinci's great masterpiece "The Last Supper" is for many Christians the clearest image they have of Christ's last meal with his disciples. Yet though it is great art, da Vinci's painting is bad history.

Da Vinci shows thirteen Renaissance Italian males in oriental costume in a Florentine palace, not a Jewish celebration of the Passover in Palestine. The figures are seated about the tables on benches eating a meal of fish and ordinary bread, whereas Jesus and his disciples would have reclined on couches and ate a Passover meal consisting of unleavened bread, roast lamb and bitter herb.

More importantly, Da Vinci shows only Jesus and the twelve apostles, omitting women and children. The Passover meal is intended to be shared by all members of the family and the laws of Passover require children to ask questions so that they can learn the meaning of the Passover meal from their parents. Jesus was supported by many women in his ministry and they followed him up to Jerusalem. They would have been with Jesus for the Last Supper, as they were at the foot of the cross the next day when the men ran away.

In order to counter Leonardo's powerful image of the Last Supper, BASIC (Brothers And Sisters in Christ) commissioned the eminent Polish artist Bohdan Piasecki to paint the Last Supper as a Jewish Passover meal with women and children present.  In 2012 BASIC voted to merge with We Are Church Ireland and passed on the publishing rights to the "Last Supper" picture to We Are Church Ireland

The original painting is oil on canvas measuring 150cm x 74cm (50" x 29") and we have large prints available, measuring 97cm by 48 cm (38" x 19"). They cost EURO 33 including postage and packaging.

We also have medium sized prints available, measuring 42 cm x 20 cm (16.5" x 8"). They cost EURO 16 including postage and packing.

We also have postcards available (21cm x 10cm (8" x 4")); they cost EURO 16 per pack of 10 postcards including post and packing. Proceeds go to support We Are Church Ireland in it’s activities.

Prints are despatched through the Irish postal service, An Post, and  normally take about four weeks to reach customers outside Ireland. Postage times may be longer over the Christmas and New Year period

To obtain prints or postcards, please click on the  button above.


"We have the large Last Supper hanging right at the main entrance door to the sanctuary and so many people have commented on how much they like it.  They look  at it and say, “Well of course there were women children there, but I never thought of it before”.  I had bought that print quite a few years ago and had it hanging in my dining room, but I am getting ready to move to a smaller place and when I offered it to our pastor .... he was really enthusiastic  about it and when I told him about the Pentecost one, he asked me to try to get it for the church".  - Wisconsin, USA

About Joe Mulvaney's book "Speak Out for Reform in the Catholic Church"

There is a crisis in the Catholic Church. Clericalism has diminished us all and it produces abuse. Catholics want power-sharing and refuse to collude in any abuse of children, women, priests or LGBT+ persons. Patriarchal suppression of women concerning ministry, leadership and governance repels many people. Roman refusal over many years to listen and update has alienated large numbers. Priests are in short supply, overburdened and restricted by clerical rules and traditions. Parishes will wither away if the hierarchy persists in refusal to heed the wisdom of lay people who now favour Eucharistic celebration by male or female priests whether married or single. From a parental viewpoint, it is tragic if the Good News of Jesus Christ is being denied to people today while expressed in medieval concepts and patriarchal structures. A whole new narrative is needed soon.

Pope Francis is providing leadership. He seems to favour collegial governance enriched by the wisdom arising from parish assemblies and diocesan synods. He has called for an emphatic “no” to all forms of clericalism. He has repeatedly asked for our opinions and active participation in serious Church reform. Irish archbishops now agree that the hierarchy must listen to the voices and opinions of the people. Accordingly, concerned lay people who are free to speak their mind can cooperate with priests and bishops to bring about substantial change in the presumed absence of Roman roadblocks. Lay people have been deferential for too long. They must clearly express their wisdom and approval of change. There is a great need in every parish for ongoing conversation and dialogue leading to consensus and substantial reform.

This new book is one response by a parent and practising Catholic who was ordained in 1970 and married in 1977. He is a member of the Catholic reform group We are Church Ireland (WAC Ireland) and volunteers in the local parish of St Attracta’s, Meadowbrook, Dundrum. The book shares the story of his faith journey as well as the resultant opinions together with suggestions for reform and action. It also invites the reader to speak out through letters, parish assemblies and diocesan synods leading to Vatican III. All are invited to be the change. The author welcomes any interviews and will gladly join in conversation with any interested group.

CONTACT:           Joe Mulvaney 087-7839136


Proceeds to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul


About Nora Kelly's LAST SUPPER    NEW   

This painting of the Last Supper includes 6 women and 3 children, as well as Christ and His 12 apostles. Most classic paintings of the Last Supper (like Leonardo DaVinci’s Masterpiece) only show Christ and His 12 male apostles. But we know from scripture that Christ’s women disciples and His mother Mary had followed Him from Galilee up to Jerusalem, and the next day it was the women who were at the foot of the cross when the men ran away. This painting also shows a traditional Jewish Passover meal, with all the men wearing prayer shawls, eating with their right hands and reclining around a low table on cushions and rugs. On the right side of the painting can be seen the basin and a towel from the washing of the feet.

Artist:               Nora Kelly, from Ireland



About Nora Kelly's PENTECOST

Some paintings of Pentecost appear to show the tongues of fire descending only on the men present. Yet in the Acts of the apostles it clearly states that the tongues of fire descended on the heads of all those present. Nora Kelly's "Pentecost" was painted in 2002 and shows the powerful wind from heaven and the tongues of fire descending on all the community.

The original painting is oil on canvas and measures 76cm x 107cm (30" x 42").


About Emer O'Boyle's MARY OF MAGDALA

Mary of Magdala was the leader of the group of women who followed Jesus and who provided for him out of their own resources.  She stood at the foot of the cross when all the male apostles had run away. She was the first witness that the risen Christ appeared to and He instructed her to tell the good news to the other apostles. Sadly she is more widely regarded as a prostitute, thanks to false statements made about her. Emer O'Boyle's  "Mary of Magdala" was painted in 2003 and shows her in her role as apostle to the apostles, preaching the good news to the apostles and disciples.

The original painting is oil on canvas and measures 59cm x 89cm (23" x 35").


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