IWD 2020: Dignity and Equality for Women in our Church

IWD 2020: Dignity and Equality for Women in our Church

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Wonderful gathering at Apostolic Nunciature to celebrate INTERNATIONAL WOMAN'S DAY. Strong statement (see below) read by Ursula Halligan. Great singing of "No Woman No Church" with thanks to Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry".

WAC Ireland has joined the Catholic Women's Council Pilgrimage leading to a meeting in Rome in 2021.

Text of our Statement to Pope Francis via Papal Nuncio Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo:

Archbishop Jude Thaddeus Okolo                       Saint François,

183 Navan Rd                                                          26 Avoca Avenue,

Ashtown                                                                   Blackrock A94 Y1 X3,

Dublin D07 CT98                                                   County Dublin


8 March 2020


Statement: 8th March, International Women’s Day.


Dear Archbishop Okolo,

We stand here today as part of a campaign by women all over the world to demand full recognition of our God given equality and dignity in the Catholic Church.

We are sending a strong message to Pope Francis.

Women have had enough!

Many of us are walking away. Those of us who stay, proclaim our equality and work for change.

We believe in church structures that share decision-making with all the people of God.

We believe in a church where women are not invisible, silenced or ignored but share equally in all ministries.

We believe in non-sexist language at Sunday Mass where God is referred to as Mother as well as Father.

We believe in Church structures that are transparent and accountable and that those guilty of sex abuse and covering it up are speedily brought to justice.


In every other walk of life, women’s dignity and equality is being recognised; why should that stop at the church door?

The Catholic Church purports to represent the people of God on earth, yet it excludes half of its members from leadership positions, because they are female.

Archbishop, that is not a church faithful to the example and message of Jesus. That is an old boy’s club.


The people of God - if it is to be truly the people of God - has to include women and not as subordinate helpmates to men but as their full and equal partners.

We are here today to ask you for nothing.

Our dignity and equality are God-given. They are not yours to give.

We are here today to tell you the church has changed because “We Are the Church” and “We Are The Change”.

From this day forth, women all over the world are mobilising to dismantle the destructive, patriarchal structures in the church that have kept us down for centuries. We are building a new church from within; one that represents all the people of God.

For the first time ever, Catholic women are linking up globally to take action. A new umbrella group has been formed: the Catholic Women’s Council.

We are on a pilgrimage of activism that will culminate in a major event in Rome, in 2021.

We are here today not to set the table but to take our place at the Table.

You have rejected half the human race and created a structure exclusively for men and male clerics.

In your hearts, you know you are history.

Because: No Woman, No Church.

No Woman, No Church.

No Woman, No Church.


Blessings and best wishes,

Ursula Halligan                                                     Colm Holmes

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