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José Antonio Pagola Talk given at IBVM GC Loyola September 9, 2014

I am going to talk about something which has been in my heart over these last years. Can Christians find within themselves today the spiritual strength necessary to trigger off a process of conversion to Jesus Christ? Is it possible to mobilize the forces of the Church towards a more faithful following of Jesus? Is it possible to initiate this reaction in the current situation of crisis and widespread disenchantment? Will Pope Francis open a new horizon? What can we do in the parishes and Christian Communities?

Naturally, I do not intend to cover all aspects and dimensions of a possible renewal of the Church at all levels in the coming decades. My purpose here is more modest. I just want to enkindle in our communities some of that fire Jesus wanted to see burning in the world (Luke 12:49). Shaking our consciences to take more seriously what his Spirit is trying to tell us, his followers, today. Is another Church possible? What can we do in our parishes, communities and Christian groups?

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