Intolerant churches showing lack of LGBT compassion

Intolerant churches showing lack of LGBT compassion

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The Vatican document on human gender identity (Irish Independent, June 10) is further proof that the Christian churches' continued obsession with sexual issues, and refusal to even consider modern scientific advances in our understanding of human sexuality, is adding a further nail in the coffin of contemporary Christianity, especially among an open-minded generation.

The use of bigoted language to describe our LGBT sisters and brothers, together with a refusal to recognise their inalienable right to married happiness and fulfilment leaves the churches clinging to anti-Christian and intolerant language and practice that I, as a Christian, am extremely ashamed of and I utterly repudiate such inhumanity.

It is a grave disservice to Jesus that his good news relevant to the creation of a just society is befogged with intolerance by the Christian churches, who are failing to show the compassionate face of God.

Brendan Butler, Malahide, Co. Dublin

Letter to the Editor of the Irish Independent published 12 June 2019