Insult to the dignity of women

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We Are Church Ireland


31 December 2014


Insult to the dignity of women

The Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture has as its theme “Women’s Cultures” in February 2015. As part of an "opening event of a great meeting of Cardinals and bishops in Rome” they are asking women to send in a one minute film or photo by 4 January 2015.

This one minute film or photo is to show "who you are, what you do, what you think about your being a woman, your strengths, your difficulties, your body, and your spiritual life.”

The key issue they have identified is:  “Between equality and difference: the quest for an equilibrium."

A Pontifical Council, made up of 32 permanent male members plus 27  “consultors” (20 men and 7 women, all recently appointed by Pope Francis)  is going to discuss “Women’s Cultures” with no woman as permanent members.

However, the key issue, the quest for an ‘equilibrium between  equality and difference’ is already decided as  no woman is being treated as an equal in this Council.

There can be no trade off between “equality” and “difference”.

We Are Church Ireland regards it as an insult to the dignity of women to treat them with such contempt. To discuss them like some work of art rather than as human beings created in the image of God is further insulting to all women.

We request women  inform the Pontifical Council on Culture that this initiative is insulting to women reminding them that women must be treated as full and  equal adult members of the Catholic Church.


Spokesperson of We Are Church Ireland

Further Information: Brendan Butler , 086 4054984