In Our Church

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Robert Schutzius, Ph.D.                                            February, 2014 

In our Church we encounter many sinners, but far more saints.

In our Church are hundreds who violate children, but many millions who love and cherish them.

In our Church are many who live in luxury and wear silk robes, but millions who share what they have.

In our Church we are ashamed and embarrassed by our human leaders, but they are not THE Church.

In our Church we have a human institution with all its human foibles, but it is not THE Church.

In our Church there are many who seek and acquire great wealth, but many, many more who live as Jesus did.

In our Church there are many who seek power and authority, but far more who know the humble truth.

In our Church we find great authority and teachings, but most trust and follow their own conscience.

In our Church we have leaders who claim absolute truth, but we know that they are human like us.

In our Church great saints are proclaimed, but we know that far, far more are missed.

In our Church we find ourselves, all of us, sinners and saints, trying to love one another.

We are THAT Church; THE Church wherein God dwells and guides us through the changes needed to grow.

Bob Schutzius is an ARCC Presidential Advisor, former officer, executive board member and office manager.