I’m a 26 year Christian full of faith and nowhere to go with it

I’m a 26 year Christian full of faith and nowhere to go with it

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Why the Catholic Church has been lost to my generation

I’d like to start off by saying that for as long as I can remember I’ve believed in and whole heartedly loved God. When I was younger I used to think that my faith could possibly be effected by what other’s believed or in fact didn’t believe. I now know that is certainly not the case, if you have a true faith in God you should find comfort in that and not need others to believe the same or be troubled if they don’t. When I was in school we were taught about Martin Luther, who in 1517 grew so heartbroken with the behaviour of the church that he split away from it. The Catholic Church was selling indulgences, actually selling them, its 500 years later and I challenge someone more knowledgeable than I am to tell me whether or not the Catholic Church is better shape now than it was then?

“Justification by faith alone” was Martin Luther’s teaching, as I understand it he believed that if you have true faith and were good to others you would be welcomed into Heaven. I have to say I can see little wrong with that logic. The Catholic Church is an organisation that’s organised in a way that say’s to the world Women are less than men, that they are inferior and aren’t close enough to God to carry his word. God gave women the ability to create life, they are powerful beyond measure, it could therefore be argued that they are far more qualified to represent God on earth than men are. The Catholic Church is an employer openly discriminating against gender, if they were a company they would be sued. Tell me why Google or Amazon is held at a higher moral standard than a church?

The only atrocity of homosexuality is how gay men and women are treated by religious leaders. Love is Love and it’s the greatest gift god gave us, how could we possibly expect anyone to restrict how they express that. You only have to be human to understand Love isn’t something we have much control over. What’s the difference between asking a straight Man to decide to Love a different women and asking a gay Man not to love a man. It’s ok to be Gay but just don’t practice is bullshit. The people of Ireland have spoken, we are all equal, and that’s that. Or is the Catholic Church being so bold as to say God made a couple of mistakes along the way, where I’m sitting that’s blasphemy.

The point I’m about to make about Priest’s not being allowed Marry is not much different. Let’s just start with the reasoning, as I understand it, it’s because a priest is confined to Christ. It wasn’t introduced until the 12th century, so I guess all priest’s before that were just cheating on God. Let’s just call a spade a spade, Catholic priests can’t marry because the Church Identified that if Priests have families when they die there would be someone to inherit their belongings, and they would have to pay them more so they could support said families. As far as I’m concerned Jesus didn’t marry because he was too busy dying for our sins. How with a straight face can anyone be asked to withhold themselves from being in Love and having a partner to walk through life with?

Expressing all this has already made me angry and I haven’t even spoken about how women with kids out of wed lock were treated in our country by the Catholic Church. Or the big one, paedophilia. There are bad people in this world, evil people. I guarantee every big organisation in the world has them. It’s not that they existed within the church that truly bothers me it’s the people that covered it up that really upsets me. Edmund Burke said “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”. The devil came to the door, and instead of fighting him off the church leadership just opened up, because fighting is hard.

A lot of what I’ve said has been the truth for a long, long time, so what’s the difference between my generation and all the others before us. Why has the church lost us? Part of it is that simply at some stage people need to just say, enough. But honestly the answer is that my generation in Ireland is more educated than any before us and the internet has changed the game. Of course I didn’t already know that it was in the 12ft century when celibacy was implemented but it took me 10 seconds to find out.

The jig is up, the race is run, it’s time for change right now and lots of it. As things stand I’m a 26 year Christian full of faith and nowhere to go with it. My Dad was a Catholic priest, the most deeply religious person I know, he left his role because he fell in love and thank god he did because if he didn’t I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this. He never should have had to make that choice in the first place. As a result the church lost out big time, he’s a beautiful person, full of endless compassion, understanding, forgiveness and patience. Because of those traits he will keep fighting the good fight for the changes that need to happen. I’m afraid I’m not as understanding or as patient so I’m done. But I’ll pray that while I’m still on this earth I’ll be enabled to change my mind.

Neill Mac Carthaigh

Neill is the 26 year old son of Tony MacCártaigh (pictured together at an NBA game)