Gerry Moloney CSsR and the CDF  

Gerry Moloney CSsR and the CDF  

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Gerry Moloney is from a farming family in Doon, County Limerick. At the age of 17 he joined the Redemptorists in 1979 and was ordained by Archbishop Desmond Connell in 1988. In 1989 he was appointed editor of Reality magazine and he thrived in the role. As he himself moved from a legalistic to a reforming outlook so he moved Reality to address issues of clericalism and the maleness of the church.

After 22 years as editor of Reality he was told by his Provincial that the Redemptorist Superior Michael Brehl was coming to Dublin in 2 days time and that Gerry was to be removed as Editor of Reality. This news came completely out of the blue and left Gerry with his head spinning. All was to be kept secret – Gerry met his Superior at a location outside Dublin. Cardinal Levada had met with Brehl several times. Gerry was told that to remain as Editor he had to avoid 5 topics:

  1. Ordination of women
  2. Celibacy rule
  3. General absolution
  4. LGBT people
  5. Any criticism of the Holy Father

During all this time there had been no contact with Gerry about any of these issues. He was not told what he was accused of, who his accusers were and he was given no opportunity to defend himself. Reality magazine had a circulation of 15,000 yet the Head of the CDF had spent weeks discussing Gerry’s role as editor.

Why does he stay? Loyalty. Which is both a strength and a weakness. Yet he remains hopeful, citing the election of Pope Francis and the vindication of John Courtney Murray at Vatican ll.

As Soline Humbert commented, the CDF methods are a form of torture: Spiritual and psychological violence. Their methods are an obstacle to the faith.

Gerry was given a long ovation.

Colm Holmes; WAC Ireland; 25 June 2016

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