Future of the church

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The Future of the Catholic Church
Does the future of the Catholic Church
rest with the religious orders
(male and female)
rather than the institutional hierarchy?

As the Jesuit Pope Francis
calls the Faithful
to spend less time and energy
focusing on doctrine and dogma
and more effort
on helping people,
some of those with careers
heavily invested in the institution
and its rites and rituals,

The future of the Church
in the next century
may well rest in its being able to
reach peoples' hearts,
like Jesus,
and as doctrine and dogma
are incapable of doing.

Jesus' teachings
are very few,
very simple
not a tome
of rules, regulations, rites, rituals, and remorse.

Church Institutionalists
have long eschewed prophets
even now have been expelling
religious order priests
from their domains in Universities.

Witness the attacks
on the nuns
by Vatican bureaucrats
and resentful U.S. hierarchy.

Those in religious orders
seem little concerned with
maintaining Church as an idol
as compared to
those immature clerics who wish
to continue spoon-feeding
to pewsitters.

calls us all to focus
on people,
not causes.
One can demonstrate against abortion, etc.
without truly knowing
the love of God
in their lives.

If Good religion
is about helping suffering people,
we have a better chance
of getting such help
from those in religious orders
than those part of a system
that requires compliance
and passes out sacraments
only as a reward for
spouting a party line.

Though many of the religious orders
are experiencing declining enrollments,
most have reached out to people
with associate and less-than-permanent

As opposed to a hierarchy
unwilling to change,
the religious orders
embrace change
and strive to live
in the real world
with the people
they are committed to serve.

No wonder St. Francis refused ordination!