FIME Prayer Service

FIME Prayer Service

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Faith in Marriage Equality (FIME) of which WAC-IRL is a member held a prayer service on 20 May in support of a YES vote in the Marriage Equality referendum.

The Revd Chris Hudson MBE, a minister in the Unitarian Church and well known peace campaigner said “Form over substance is not the only way to measure a loving union. Form is only the biological make up and is, of course, essential for procreation. However substance is commitment, love, patience, tolerance and loyalty, that is the essence of a relationship, gay or straight. He added “I believe the Irish People will show compassion, inclusiveness and fairness and will deliver a Yes vote “

Mr Pat Carey, the former government minister for equality, said he knew many other practicing Catholics who would in good conscience be voting yes on Friday. He said as a gay man he was inviting voters "to extend the hand of generosity to us"

Senator David Norris explained that as a committed Christian he thought "Jesus Christ would be in the Yes camp" on marriage equality.

Ms Phil Dunne, co-convenor of the Catholic group "We are Church Ireland" said "I pray on Friday my gay brothers and sisters will be embraced by Yes"