Fifteen sins of men of the Curia according Pope Francis . Five proposals from We Are Church Italy.

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Press release from WAC Italy

Pope Francis spoke with the Vatican curia this morning. He denounced fifteen possible sins of those who live in the Curia; who knows, but up close and from afar, he knows how real and widespread these are. Francis proves to be familiar with those around him with analytical insights, almost " pictorial", of the environment of the Vatican ( but also of many diocesan situations , at least in Italy ) . We wholeheartedly agree with Pope Francis (how many times have we thought and said the same thing !).

 Before the general restructuring that we are awaiting, we would like to " help " by proposing five reforms which can be implemented quite straightforwardly and painlessly (meaning they do not question theological doctrines):

1 ) Prohibit everywhere from tomorrow morning all the ridiculous honorary titles that are now use ( Excellency, Eminence etc ... );

2 ) For some time each new assignment in the Curia, also the most important, is attributed to women (and not only religious) ;

3 ) To each member of the Curia are assigned material conditions of life (home , pay etc ... . ) of true sobriety , identical , for example , to those of Pope Francis S. Marta ;

4 ) All positions in the Curia , to be always for a specific time, provide for the periodic return to the diocese or parish or mission ;

5 ) Core competencies in the area of liturgy are devolved from the Vatican to dioceses and parishes , of course in a rational and prudent manner.

Vittorio Bellavite ,

spokesman for " We Are Church Italy"

Rome December 22, 2014