WOW International Conference 2015

Friday    |    12:00 - 13:00 (18/09/2015 - 20/09/2015) (UTC+0), Duration: 24:00 Place: Philadelphia Marriot Downtown, 1201 Market Street
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Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice: Philadelphia 2015

WOW's third international conference is set to happen in Philadelphia in September 2015. Advocates for women's ordination from around the world will gather to celebrate, be inspired, and join together as we grow our movement and go forward. Our hosts will be our member group Women's Ordination Conference(WOC).

The theme of the conference is Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice.

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Conference Prayer

As we prepare to gather in September 2015 for the WOW International Conference, “Gender, Gospel and Global Justice”:

We are mindful that Your Spirit, Loving Creator, has awakened in us and in those upon whose shoulders we stand, an awareness of Your Life and Voice within and around us. We listen, clothed in the sacred garments of the Good News of Jesus the Christ. We listen, assured that You have formed and gifted our hearts and minds for all that calls us forward. We listen, believing with gratitude, that you have prepared us for this moment in history when women shall stand firmly and fully in any and every dimension of ministry.

Help us, those who plan this important conference, and those who plan to participate in its offerings, to drink deeply of Your Wisdom and Vision as revealed in the Gospel. May that Cup of the Gospel assist us as we gather from around the globe to create a conference which will offer ways to seek and proclaim, and thereby reveal the Gospel pathway of justice for women and men, their children, people of faith everywhere, and for our living planet that nourishes all life dwelling upon it.

Our hope and our belief is that Your Justice will arise anew in every person attending this conference, and that this same Justice, in the power of Love, will fill willing hearts with courage and commitment to carry forth Love’s Light around this planet to wherever and whomever is in need of Light. Help us and all people whom we serve to immerse ourselves in the Gospel.


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Gender, Gospel, and Global Justice Women's Ordination Worldwide Third International Conference Philadelphia 2015

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