Decline in vocations to priesthood

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The Association of Catholic Priests (ACP), which represents over 1,000 Irish priests, agrees with Archbishop Diarmuid Martin’s assessment of the three possible responses to the decline in vocations to the priesthood – to “become sceptical and just say we’re going down”; “to simply say let’s keep working the way we are and hopefully things will change”; and “to get out there and become dynamic” (“Baptisms to gain school entry ‘wrong’, archbishop says”, January 22nd).

I’m not sure what the archbishop means by “dynamic” but I would respectfully suggest that a start might be made by having a serious conversation on the three-pronged proposal of the ACP – to ordain married men; to invite priests who have left the ministry to marry to return; and to ordain women deacons.

Yours, etc,
ACP Leadership,
Ballina,Co Mayo.

Letter to Irish Times, 23 January 2016