Crumbs from the masters’ table for women in the church

Crumbs from the masters’ table for women in the church

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Why no Women Deacons?

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Miriam Gormally from Soulwaves Radio interviews Soline Humbert

Soline Humbert

In June 2012, the Irish Church ordained eight married male deacons in a ceremony in Dublin. While many welcome this initiative, many more are angered by the exclusion of women to this role. Dr. Phyllis Zangano a leading expert on ministry by women that female deacons featured heavily in the old order of permanent deacons.

She points out that the Church – for many centuries – ordained women to the diaconate and that there is no good reason to exclude them. Soline Humbert from “We are Church” emphatically agrees. She sees it as a sign that the Church continue to take the goodwill and work of women for granted. Miriam Gormally began by asking her whether it was fair to say that when the permanent diaconate was first announced it was something many women were hopeful about.