Changing times at Maynooth

Changing times at Maynooth

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As the former director of pastoral formation at Allen Hall Seminary in Westminster Archdiocese, London (1993-1997), I am surprised only by any surprise at the alleged “gay subculture” and “strange goings-on” in Maynooth.

What is to be expected in this day and age if a number of men, of whatever age, some or many of whom by definition may not be sexually experienced or indeed even fully aware of their own sexuality, are placed in close proximity to one another – and indeed, given access to the internet?

The gay subculture and strange goings-on were ever thus and are likely to be so in any seminary in the world, including in Rome. The only route to a more balanced culture is to include more women in the life of the seminary – as teachers and lecturers, and indeed as students.

Only the ordination of women, the ending of mandatory celibacy, and the acceptance of homosexuality within the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church can “normalise” the seminaries – and let us just imagine what a difference that would make.

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Letter to editor, Irish Times, 9 August 2016