Before the Pope visits Ireland …

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Sir, –

The Seanad unanimously agreed a motion inviting Pope Francis to address the upper house (Home News, February 20th). While this is a positive good, there is an injustice to be rectified before such a visit. At least five Irish priests have been silenced under an unjust process which is still in existence and whose administrator, Archbishop Müller, will be promoted tomorrow to the rank of a cardinal, the highest ranking position in the Catholic Church after the Pope.

While each man has had to continue to live under their unjust sentences, one of these elderly priests who has suffered gravely over the years is now very poorly. Unless there is a redress of these injustices either by the Vatican or the religious orders concerned, these men will have to carry these heavy unjust burdens to their graves.

Yours, etc,


The Moorings,

Malahide, Co Dublin.

[Letter published in Irish Times 21 February 2014]