“At any one time no more than 50% of priests are practicing celibacy.”

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This letter from Richard Sipe contains challenging information relevant to the Roman Catholic Church worldwide, not just in the USA.

“At any one time no more than 50% of priests are practicing celibacy.”  In May 1993 at the Vatican International Conference on Celibacy in Rome Cardinal Jose Sanchez then Chairman of the Dicastery on Clergy fielded questions about my study and conclusions and a similar sociological statistical report by Fr. Victor Kotze of South Africa. Father Kotze concluded that in any three-year period only 45% of priests were practicing celibacy. When asked directly by reporter Mark Dowd, and a reporter recording for the BBC TV what the Cardinal thought of those studies he said, “I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of those figures”.

This letter from former priest A. W. Richard Sipe to Bishop McElroy is about sex abuse in the clerical hierarchy. Richard Swipe has been investigating this since 1960 and has been involved as a consultant or expert witness in 250 civil legal actions against clergy offenders.

WARNING: This letter contains graphic details which may be distressing to some.

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