An Invitation to come to Rome 2 – 5 October 2014

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Brendan Butler of the WAC Ireland Core Group is attending this event in Rome (at his own expense). We are delighted that WAC Ireland will be represented in Rome by Brendan and ask you for your prayers in support of this initiative.

This autumn, just days before the Extraordinary Synod on the Family convenes in Rome, two other gatherings are planned.

We're writing to invite you to join in for any part or all of the four days. Or, if you're not able to come, you might consider passing the invitation on to church organizations, reform group members, religious congregations, and others who might be interested. Let's spread the word around the world to ensure that families are recognized, included, and listened to by the Bishops attending the Synod in Rome.

         "The Forum on the Family:  Listening to the Faithful" on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 October. This is sponsored by Catholic Church Reform International (CCRI). Here is the program for the four days:

·         "The Family Synod Project" (Similar to the Conclave Project) organized by the International Movement We Are Church (IMWAC) from Friday evening 3 October to Saturday 4 October.

·         A gathering in St Peters Square before the Angelus (Sunday 5 October), for which permission has been obtained from the Vatican authorities.

Reform-minded Catholics from around the world have already booked places to show solidarity with and support for a Synod that is truly representative of families, and to raise any issues that may have been omitted from the official agenda of the Bishops' Synod.

It is hoped that those who plan to attend will make suggestions for and contributions to the final programme but the four days look something like this at the moment:

On Thursday and Friday, October 2-3, CCRI will present a number of different speakers and discussion groups on diverse aspects of Church reform as it relates to the real needs of families with lived experience of family life. On Friday morning we hope to hear the voices of a variety of reform organisations and a panel discussion will focus on "Where do we go next?" From this will emerge a manifesto from the reform movement to the Synod. It would be really good to hear your thoughts and ideas during the morning. Please see:

On Friday evening and Saturday IMWAC will be presenting speakers covering more areas of concern regarding the pastoral care of families. You will be very welcome to go along to listen, meet the speakers and ask questions.

On Sunday morning we will gather in St Peter's Square before the Angelus.  We have permission to unfurl a banner and to sing. Let us raise our voices to spur Pope Francis on to make the changes of which he speaks.

Participants are asked to book their own hotel accommodation. There are a number of suggestions at Space is limited so we encourage to register as soon as possible.

For more information, please see the website: IMWAC's plans are being finalized but will be announced on as soon as possible.

For questions, please contact Rene Reid: or Martha Heizer:

Best wishes

Valerie                                                Rene

Valerie Stroud                                    Rene Reid

IMWAC Internet Secretary                CCRI Director

 Donate to support the Forum on Rome

Even if you can't come to Rome, we appreciate your help to support the event. Deadline for supporting this project is August 30, 2014. Donate now.

Take our Surveys and Circulate them

  If you haven't already, take our surveys on the topics that will be discussed at the Synod. This is your opportunity to make your voice heard by the Vatican. Once you have taken them, pass this link on to your contacts to encourage others to join their voices with ours.