Advent Liturgy on 1st Sunday of Advent

Advent Liturgy on 1st Sunday of Advent

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We celebrated our Advent Liturgy with a strong focus on refugees. In prayer & readings & song we declared loudly that all are welcome here and that in Jesus we have a real source of hope & light for our world. We prayed specially for Luisne who have built up a wonderful spiritual centre in Kilcoole over the past 12 years - yet they have been brutally informed that they must close their doors by the end of 2016!! Hopefully some way will be allowed Luisne to continue to provide its many different services and courses for the community they serve so well.

Everyone joined in reading Ann McGovern's wonderful prayer:FullSizeRender

Our Father and Mother

Our Father and Mother who are never far from us but present
in all things everywhere and always
May your names be honored
May your Justice, truth and compassion be among us
May we be attuned to the divine life within us and all life forms
May the cosmic law of order be the blueprint of our lives
May all have sufficient to sustain them in mind and body
May we be unburdened by guilt which binds and enslaves
Release all from the shackles of shame which stunts growth and
May informed discernment be the guiding light of our lives.


Prayer by Ann McGovern

And our collection raised €400.00 for Medecins Sans Frontieres who do such excellent work in many trouble spots of our world.

Wishing everyone a joyous advent season.

Colm Holmes

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