Advent Liturgy

Advent Liturgy

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The theme for our Advent Liturgy this year was "Listen to the Voices of Creation".

The symbols carried forward were:


AIR - The breath of God - feathers

WATER - Water of life - a jug of water

EARTH - The seed of life - a bowl of earth

HUMANITY - The creatures of this earth - Marmee & Moira with their dog Neo


Four Advent candles were lit.

Everyone lit their own candle.

Phil Dunne prepared the wonderful Liturgy with Readers Ursula, Nieves, Brendan, Joe, Finbarr, Soline, Colm, Jackie, Rosy, Jim, Gina, Dairne, Cora.

John O'Loughlin Kennedy who together with his wife Kay founded CONCERN spoke of that day 51 years ago when a Catholic bishop and a Protestant bishop dared to say the "Our Father" together.

Kevin, Helena & Aisling led us in song filling the beautiful Mercy Chapel with songs of Light, Beauty and an Irish Blessing.

Jackie provided our Advent Wreath.

Bernadette and Desmond served everyone tea and coffee.


Founder of CONCERN John O'Loughlin Kennedy


1 December 2019

We are Church Ireland Advent Liturgy


Opening Hymn   Solo The Deer’s Cry

Music as The Advent Wreath is carried up from the back and placed in the centre of the table.

Presider We gather today as we await the birth of Our Saviour into our world. Our God comes to bring light and life into the winter of all creation. Her liberation frees not just us but all creation. Be still and hear for Creation takes up God’s call. All creation draws near to God, seeks refuge from the tightening grip of winter, the winter our destruction has wrought; seeks light and warmth to revive that which we have darkened and chilled by our abuse of God’s creation.   Listen to the Voices of Creation, the Advent of Nature


A Reading from the Prophet Jeremiah 7 2

I brought you into a fertile land

To eat its fruit and rich produce.

But you came and defiled my land

And made my inheritance detestable


            Part 2 The Processions           

(Each procession consists of 4 parts, Humming, the symbol, the speakers, and the lighting of an Advent candle)

1 The Procession of the Air

Voice of the Air We bring to the table Bird Feathers representing Air

Humming as feathers are carried to the table

Voice of the Air I the Air come. Breath of Life, wind. that moves over the face of the deep bringing rain. I come but now the breath of life draws death. As I pass over the land the broken soil follows me, a billowing shroud of dust. When the rain falls forests and lakes die. I come, my Creator. But what have your people made of me but a shadow, a dark acidic shadow of my God-given glory. Breathe on your people Breath of God.

Feather Bearer Response is Breathe on your people Breath of God

Hear the cry of our Brother Air and bring light and life to the winter of our despair this Advent

Response  Breathe on your people Breath of God

Feather Bearer r lights 1st Advent candle                          

  1. Procession of the Waters

Voice of the Water We bring to the table Water   Humming as water is carried in and placed on the table

Voice of the Waters We, the Waters come O Creator, flowing to meet You as we have flowed through time, sustaining the life of the planet. We come from our rivers and lakes, our seas and oceans. We come with our dead borne upon our waves. We and creatures living in us struggle against filth. Can we ever recapture the purity of our waters? Stir up your people O God to let the waters flow with life everlasting.Voice of Water Bearer

Voice of Water Bearer Response Stir up Your People O Lord

Hear the cry of our Sister Water and let light and life dispel the winter of our despair this Advent

Response Stir up your people O Lor

Water Bearer lights the second Advent candle


  1. Procession of the Land

Voice of the Land We bring to the table soil

Humming as earth in carried to the table

Voice of the Land Mountain and valley, hill and plain we the land turn to you our Creator. Upon us you set the world, from us called forth life in many forms. In our richness you set the forests. On our fields you sowed the seed of life. Now our forests burn, the earth is worn. Silent in their graves lies the richness of so much of your creation.   Mountains are gouged out, the curves of the valley gone. We cry out for justice. Plant in your people a love and care for your land.

Voice of the Earth Bearer

Response Plant in Your people a love and respect for Your creation

Hear the cry of our Mother Earth and let light and life dispel the darkness of winter this Advent

Response Plant in your people a love and respect for your creation      

The third candle in the Advent wreath is lit by the Water Bearer                    


  1. Procession of the Creatures

Voice of the Creatures Ownwe brings to the table 8 year old Neo who has been a working dog for the last 6 years representing the myriad creatures of all sizes that share our planet with us.   Humming

Voice of the Creatures   From water, air and land we your creatures come forth at Your command. In us you planted your life. Through time You brought us to be. And we who are here ask will our children’s children know this world? So many have gone, so many are so frail. Free your people from their ignorance and selfishness.

Voice 2 Response Let your light and love soften our hearts to respect and care for all creatures

Hear the cry of our brothers and sisters who dwell on land, in the air and in the sea and let your life and light soften our hearts

Response Let Your and light soften our hearts to respect and care for all creatures.

lights the 4th Advent candle



Voice of Humanity Asks all present to stand

Response   God our Creator help us to resurrect the glory of Your creation for our children and our children’s children.

Voice of Humanity We, your people stand before you.. We who crucify your world, stripping bare its soil, crowning it with a wreath of broken trees. Its air breathes painfully, its waters weep for the folly that poisons it, its creatures bleed. Heirs of all we have sold our world. Loudly declaring our love we have denied our God. We are Judas, we are Peter. We are the cross of all creation.

Response Congregation  God our Creator, help us to resurrect the glory of your creation for our children and our children’s children.


Presider Let us pray. Loving God, we have heard the voices of creation and brought before You our hopes and fears. In the candles of Advent we offer our world to You. In your love we find forgiveness, in your Word we find acceptance, through Your coming we have hope, through Your actions we are challenged and in Your light we find life. Come Lord Jesus, come and open our hearts.

Hymn For the Beauty of the Earth              

Part 3 The Light of the World

(Both readers come forward together)

Voice 3 Isaiah 9 2-3 6-7

Response Christ be our Light

The people walking in darkness

Have seen a great light’

On those living in the land of the shadow of death

A light has dawned.

You have enlarged the nation

You have increased their joy.

They rejoice before you

as people rejoice at the harvest.

For to us a Child is born,

To us a Son is given,

and the government will be

on his shoulders.

And He will be called

Wonderful Counsellor

Mighty God,

Everlasting God, Prince of Peace.

Of the increase of His

Government and peace

There will be no end.

He will reign on David’s throne

And over his kingdom

Establishing it and upholding it

With justice and righteousness

From that time on and for ever,

The zeal of God Almighty will accomplish this.

Response Christ be our Light

Voice 4  John 1 1-4

Response Christ be our Light

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. She was with God from the beginning.

Through Her all things were made, without Her nothing was made that has been made. In Her was life and that life was the light of all people. The light shines in the darkness but the darkness has not understood it.

Response Christ be our Light

Hymn Christ be our Light

Presider As a sign of your wish to follow the Light of Christ you are invited to come forward and light a night light from the Advent candles and place it on the tray. Please also take a prayer card which you might like to use as you pray for creation during the coming days.

Voice 5 God, Creator of all, grant us the grace to grow deeper in our respect of

And care for your Creation.  Lord hear us                         R

Caring God, help us to recognise the sacredness of all your creatures as signs of your wondrous love.   Lord hear us              R

God of Tenderness, help us turn from the selfish consumption of resources meant to be shared with all. Help us to see the impact of our choices

Lord hear us                       R

God of the Down-Trodden, give us the grace to see more clearly and hear more deeply our brothers and sisters who live in poverty, famine and oppression. Help us to share more fairly, Lord hear us                           R


Part 4  The Renewal OF CREATION

Voice 6  Response   The Light of the World

Christ has come

RESPONSE The Light of the World

The Alpha and the Omega

Response The Light of the World

The Child of Peace and God of Life

Response The Light of the World

From destruction to renewal

Response The Light of the World

From greed to sharing

Response The Light of the World

From winter to spring, from darkness into light

Response The Light of the World

From destruction to resurrection

Response The Light of the World


Voice 7 Canticle of the Creatures St Francis.

All praise be yours, our God

through all that You have made.

And first my Brother Sun, who brings the day.

How beautiful he is, how radiant in all his splendour!

Of You Most High he bears the likeness.

All praise be yours our God, through Sister Moon and Stars

In the heavens you have made them, bright and precious and fair.

All praise be yours our God through Brothers Wind and Air

All praise be yours our God through Sister Water,

So useful, lowly, precious and fair;

All praise be yours our God through Brother Fire,

Through whom you brighten up the night.

All praise be yours our God through Sister Earth, our Mother

Who feeds us and produces various fruits

With coloured flowers and herbs

Praise and bless our God and give Him thanks

And serve him with great humility


Voice 8 Let us pray for an end to the

Waste and desecration of God’s creation

And for access to the fruits of creation

To be shared equally among all people


Almighty God you created the world and gave it

Into our care so that, in obedience to you,

We may serve all people.

Inspire us to use the riches of creation with wisdom,

To ensure that their blessings are shared by all.   Amen


Presider Almighty God, You lead your people in the darkness of the desert with a pillar of fire. May this same light lead us in the night of our darkness and through the deserts of our own making into a new creation. Creator Spirit, you sent down tongues of fire on your disciples as they hid in their uncertainty. Enlighten us with your fire so that we that we may serve all creation. Loving God You sent your Son to be a light to those who walk in darkness. May we who have brought your creation, the winds, waters, lands, creatures and our own kind to the edge of darkness see the new path we must tread so that all may share and enjoy the fruits of your creation                       Amen


Presider Final Blessing If we are to renew creation we need to work in communion and solidarity with other people. As a sign of this solidarity I invite you to place your right arm on the left shoulder of the person beside you.

God our Creator we thank you for the gift of our precious world. We pledge this Advent that with Your light we will care for it more in our prayers, in our actions and in what we will do without. Amen

God our Mother and Father we ask you to enlarge our vision and to open our hearts

So that we can see You more clearly

In all the wonders of your beautiful ongoing creation,

In those we love and in those we find difficult to love,

In the cries of those seeking justice,

In the tears of the broken-hearted,

And in the silence of the voiceless.

Make Your vision ours. Amen

Bless us as we begin our Advent journey

in the name of God our Father and Mother

Our brother Jesus

And the Holy Spirit.


Hymn   An Irish Blessing



I am the Song

I am the song that sings the bird.

I am the leaf that grows the land.

I am the tide that moves the moon.

I am the stream that halts the sand.

I am the cloud that drives the storm.

I am the earth that that lights the sun.

I am the fire that strikes the sun.

I am the clay that shapes the hand.

I am the word that speaks the man.

Charles Causley  (1917-2003)