Advent Liturgy

Advent Liturgy

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Reverend Ginnie Kennerley

The WAC Advent Liturgy on the 2nd Sunday of Advent was again held in Manresa. This was also International Human Rights Day which was the theme flowing through our readings, prayers and songs. Reverend Ginnie Kennerley and Jackie Nelson spoke about the Dalkey C of I and RC combined parishes programme for those living in Direct Provision in Mosney and Hatch Street. A truly great example of the community taking practical steps to support those trapped in Direct provision.

Phil Dunne speaking at the Advent Liturgy

Final Blessing
God our Mother and Father we ask you to enlarge our vision and to open our hearts
So that we can see you more deeply
In all the wonders of your beautiful, ongoing creation,
In those we love and in those we find difficult to love
In the cries of those seeking justice
In the tears of the broken-hearted
And in the silence of the voiceless.
Make your vision ours
And bless us
in the name of God, our Mother and Father
our brother Jesus
And the Holy Spirit

A special thanks to Sr Marie Dunne for the music & songs and to Phil Dunne and Finbarr Quigley for their work in preparing this prayerful and inspirational Advent Liturgy.