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I, from my point of view, was incensed by the words of the Nuncio about women priests. [“What’s the Meaning of Life” with Gay Byrne 20 November 2016 on RTE1]Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 11.42.50

He said: "The idea of women priests is a problematic thing. Even pope Francis has said he doesn't see it as possible. The priest as the image of Christ the bridegroom, however imperfect, is made possible, MORE RADIANT when the priest is a man, because only a man can be spouse or bridegroom"

This seems to me to be a very selective choice of words, of course only a woman can be a 'bride' and a man a 'groom", but is this the essence of what it is to be a priest?

I think 'Charlie Brown’!! was acting out his comic role…to avoid, to distract, to circumnavigate the real point, he chooses the term 'bridegroom' and couches it in waffle.

To say only a man can be a more RADIANT image of Christ is just machismo at its worst and most blatant.

To believe such is evidence of extreme ignorance of the divine act of creation of all in the image of the creator, where there is neither male nor female.

For someone who wrote his thesis around the gender issue, the Nuncio is showing, it seems to me, a dangerous one-sided view.


Ann McGovern