WAC Ireland Press Release:  Pope Francis should meet with and listen to LGBTQI Families

WAC Ireland Press Release: Pope Francis should meet with and listen to LGBTQI Families

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Pope Francis should meet with and listen to LGBTQI Families

"We Are Church Ireland" is appalled and alarmed at the most recent comments made by Pope Francis about LGBTQI families. The Pope's comments may have been unscripted but they clearly reveal the Pope's belief that gay couples are not legitimate families.

In his address to the Italian 'Forum delle Famiglie' he affirmed that  'the family with only a man and a woman, made in the image of God,' is the only one that can be recognised as a true family within the Church.

This definition of a true Catholic family not alone excludes LGBTQI families but also single parent families from being included as real families within the Catholic Church.

'This exclusion from and further marginalisation of LGBTQI families in the life of the Catholic Church by Pope Francis leaves us with very little hope that LGBTQI families will be included as equal participants at the forthcoming World Meeting of Families being held in Dublin next August. Unless LGBTQI families are included in this World Meeting it will be seen as a contradiction of Gospel values. This reinforcement of anti - LGBTQI attitudes and the refusal to recognise LGBTQI families as true Catholic families by Pope Francis will be treated with incredulity and dismay by the Catholic faithful. Pope Francis should meet with and listen to LGBTQI families experiences of loving family life' stated Brendan Butler, spokesperson.

Brendan Butler, We are Church spokesperson.

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18 June 2018

  1. Date: June 19, 2018
    Author: Rob

    Attacking our Church to outside agencies who willingly publish anti-church items and promote division cannot be the way forward. I appreciate that We Are Church Ireland are people who care but please prayerfully consider your methods. An 'us versus them' attitude should not be promoted. We (clergy and more conservative Catholics) are 'also' church... let's get togehter and talk internally. Not further contribute to an anti-church narrative in the MSM. Please.

    • Date: June 19, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Hi Rob, I certainly agree we are all church and the way forward is through dialogue. We Are Church is careful about what we say. We believe in working with the media to connect with many who have walked away; they too are church. We love our church as much as you do. Blessings and best wishes, Colm Holmes

  2. Date: June 19, 2018
    Author: Margaret Hickey

    You may be church after your own understanding of church but you are certainly not the Catholic Church. Think about it: if you are indeed church where does that leave the rest of us who accept the magisterium?

    • Date: June 19, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Margaret, We are all church. We all try to follow Christ. Blessings and best wishes, Colm Holmes

  3. Date: June 20, 2018
    Author: Margaret Hickey

    Hi Brendan, Not everyone who " follows Christ" is a member of the Catholic Church. I take it the 'church' in 'we are church' refers to the RC church. Or does it? If it does, then your group is a fifth column.

    • Date: June 21, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Margaret , Thank you for your email. Yes, we are a Roman Catholic reform group dedicated to being a inclusive Church which respects diversity in unity. That is why LGBTQI families should be accepted as equal to any other families in our Church. Your reference to ' fifth column' is inappropriate in this context. Best wishes Brendan Butler