WAC Ireland: Petition to Pope Francis: Change Church LGBTQI Language

WAC Ireland: Petition to Pope Francis: Change Church LGBTQI Language

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Today, Thursday 7th June We Are Church Ireland is launching a petition calling on Pope Francis to change Vatican theological language that is gravely insulting to LGBTQI people.

Words like 'objectively disordered  ' and ' intrinsically evil' to describe any human being is wrong but for an institution like the Catholic Church to teach that these words are an expression of the mind of God to describe her image in LGBTQI persons is not alone scandalous but blasphemous.

The petition is being launched by Ursula Halligan of WAC Ireland, Senator David Norris and Pádraig Ó Tuama of the Corrymeela Community.

Find the petition on Change.org at:


'We Are Church Ireland encourages every Catholic who continues to be enraged by this Vatican Un-Christian language to sign the petition demanding the withdrawal of this offensive language to describe our LGBTQI sisters and brothers' stated Brendan Butler.

Brendan Butler, We are Church spokesperson.

Mobile 086 4054984

7 June 2018

  1. Date: June 8, 2018
    Author: Joan canty

    I fully agree with the sentiments expressed. I would be happy to join a demonstration during visit of Pope Francis to express my strong opposition to Catholics language on this topic.

    • Date: June 10, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Joan, Thank you for supporting our petition to Pope Francis. We are making plans for the visit of Pope Francis. May I add your name to the We Are Church Ireland mailing list? Best wishes, Colm Holmes

  2. Date: June 8, 2018
    Author: Damien J Brennan

    We live in an inclusive world , we are real Roman Catholics and we are the last hope of our Church in the coming years . Christ loved ALL

    • Date: June 10, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Damien, Thank you for supporting our petition to Pope Francis. May I add your name to the We Are Church Ireland mailing list? Best wishes, Colm Holmes

  3. Date: June 10, 2018
    Author: Rita Kilroy

    I am a member of a religious order and I totally agree with your stance and comments

    • Date: June 10, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Rita, Thank you for supporting our petition to Pope Francis. May I add your name to the We Are Church Ireland mailing list? Best wishes, Colm Holmes

  4. Date: June 10, 2018
    Author: Aine McGrath

    I do not know anything about your organization but I was reared a Christian and do support your plea. Thanks for doing this.

    • Date: June 10, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Aine, Thank you for supporting our petition to Pope Francis. May I add your name to the We Are Church Ireland mailing list? Best wishes, Colm Holmes

      • Date: June 10, 2018
        Author: Aine McGrath

        I'll read about it and get back to you. Thanks and good luck. Aine

  5. Date: June 12, 2018
    Author: Ruth Eustace

    I would admire a Church who is able to change it's thinking and recognise that we are all created equal and that language has the power to limit how human beings experience their world and reach their potential . The creative and grace filled miracle is ever evolving. Why do our Church 'FATHERS consider that it was a once off event and that thinking and the energy of the 'gift' of the 'word being made flesh and dwelling amongst us ' is not part of the here and now . If they could hold this then perhaps the call would be to allow all HUMANITY an equality of esteem . The impact of this in our world today would have a truly miraculous effect. 'Love one another as I have loved you'- A DIFFICULT command to live up to. Simple but revolutionary.

  6. Date: June 13, 2018
    Author: Mary Bridget Lawson

    Thank you, from two, third generation Irish Catholic “married Marys” from Minnesota, USA. We are grateful for your petition, advocacy and courage to shine a light on the dignity of all persons - a key concept of Catholic Social Teaching! Peace and All Good, Mary Bridget and Marianne

    • Date: June 13, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Dear Mary Bridget and Marianne, Thank you for signing our petition and for your email. Wonderful to have the support of two third generation Irish Catholic married Mary's. I hope you can help to spread the petition with your networks. Pope Francis is visiting Ireland in August and we want to get many thousands of signatures from around the world. Blessings and best wishes fromIreland, Colm Holmes

  7. Date: June 13, 2018
    Author: jon

    the language of the petition should probably be more clear. first, it’s somewhat unfair to lable the Church as intolerant and prejudice when neither the petition nor the NCR article finishes what CCC 2358 says about how they are to be “accepted with respect, compassion and sensitivity” and how all “unjust discrimination is to be avoided”. second, the Church is not saying that ‘Persons’ who identify themselves as LGBT are “objectively disordered” and “intrinsically” evil as mentioned above or as the petition calls “language to describe our LGBTQI brothers and sisters.” The Church would never use those words to describe any person so in all fairness to the Church it doesn’t seem right to put words in her mouth like that. Obviously the Church is speaking of the homosexual “Act” as intrinsically evil and the desire for it being objectively disordered. and in all fairness the Church deems the act of Lusting as disordered desire in CCC 2351, which i’m pretty sure we all have been guilty of at one point regardless what sex you’re attracted to... the Church gives a list of offenses against chastity (porn, masturbation, sex outside marriage, etc) but she’s speaking against the offenses, not discriminating against those commiting them. In fact, with all the paragraphs listed pertaining to offenses against chastity, it is only with what is said about those who have a desire for the homosexual act that the Church stresses that they are to be accepted with compassion, respect and sensitivity. though that is assumed for those commiting the other type of offenses, but it is only here that it is stressed. so i’m just curious why the petition is labeling the Church as otherwise?

  8. Date: June 13, 2018
    Author: Christopher Lundin

    I agree whole-heartedly with the petition.

  9. Date: June 14, 2018
    Author: Michael Orza

    While I will never leave my church, I will not contribute one cent except to my welcoming parish, to any catholic org. as long as this vicious, hateful EVIL language is part of official teaching.. Has our hierarchy even read the gospel since leaving the seminary. I have long since refused to turn the other cheek any more.

  10. Date: June 14, 2018

    Homophobia is a social disease and an afront against our Creator that has been widely eradicated during the last fifty years. Our American Catholic bishops, however, have declared that the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in favor of “same-sex marriages” did not change their minds and that God’s law trumps human law. Thus a vocal minority of bishops are carefully orchestrating a campaign to shame and dishonor those Catholics who support or who enter into homosexual unions. Teachers are fired in my archdiocese for supporting youths who come out as gays or lesbians. Lesbian couples in my parish who are active contributors to lay ministry live in fear that their pastor will find out and their ministries and/or their right to take communion would be withdrawn. A gay Catholic suffering a heart attack was denied the last rites by a self-righteous hospital chaplain because he `refused to repent of his lifelong homosexuality.’ THIS MISTREATMENT TRAMPLES THE RIGHTS OF CATHOLICS! THIS IS SHAMELESS BULLYING! In the name of Jesus, THIS HAS GOT TO BE STOPPED! Now, with Pope Francis saying in his airplane interview, “Whom am I to judge,” we have the opportunity to end this “public bullying” once and for all — from the ground up. For my part, I have prepared an eBook, WHAT JESUS WOULD SAY TO SAME-SEX COUPLES (https://payhip.com/b/QM9P), as a manual for ruthless truth-telling and for public action that supports your Petition to Pope Francis. My hope is to empower lay persons and pastors everywhere to fearlessly protect LGBTQI Catholics in their midst (especially vulnerable young people) against the homophobic words and deeds promoted by the hierarchy and their Fundamentalist allies. Fraternally, Aaron PS: I am a retired professor who taught in three different Catholic seminaries for 25 years. I kept silence regarding the deep flaws in the Ratzinger Doctrine out of fear. I am ashamed of this. My eBook is a partial reparation for those years of silence. Prof. Aaron Milavec, STB, ThD

  11. Date: June 14, 2018
    Author: lynne miller

    Can you add my name to the petition to Pope Francis regarding the language used to describe gay people? I'm a lesbian Catholic in Oakland, California, USA, and my parish, Our Lady of Lourdes, is a very open and affirming parish. I wish more would follow this example. Thank you!

    • Date: June 14, 2018
      Author: Colm

      Hi Lynne, Thanks for your support for our petition. We can't add your name in as it is all done through Change.org. You can read more and sign the petition here: https://chn.ge/2LprT0B Best wishes, Colm Holmes

  12. Date: June 15, 2018
    Author: Catherine

    God created all in his likeness. Who are we or the Church to dispute his words?! I support your stance and efforts to put this to the Pope. Caths.

  13. Date: June 16, 2018
    Author: Peter O Brien

    It is not enough. What about how the Bible says gay sex is a sin? The Church needs to declare such teaching man-made and non-binding and apologise. Men were stoned to death over the Jewish Law and Jesus to his shame never challenged this terrible teaching. He even told the adulteress she should be stoned.

  14. Date: June 17, 2018
    Author: Olivia Reilly

    I grew up into the catholic church religion and It is quiet frightening that the church are blind to the message of hate in which they spread by being homophobic. The church laws of course do not comply with today society. Therefore, being so judgemental (which is also a mortal sin by the way) is a sign of your intelligence, more so lack of. Jesus Christ throughout the bible did not pass judgement and loved all his children. You think the head of church would practice this also. That language demonstrate by the pope just speaks hate not love. It needs to stop and for the sake humanity and that is good! Open your minds and open your hearts ❤