St Patrick’s seminary and ‘gay culture’

St Patrick’s seminary and ‘gay culture’

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(letter to Editor, Irish Times, 8 August 2016)

As usual, The Irish Times paints Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin as the hero of the hour in the controversy surrounding St Patrick’s seminary in Maynooth.
Your paper fails to raise the question as to what is the precise difference between the Irish College in Rome and Maynooth.
Dr Diarmuid might be better occupied if he were to question the Catholic Church's insistence in confining the priesthood to male celibates.
Yours, etc,
Magaret Lee
Co Tipperary

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  1. Date: August 9, 2016
    Author: Con Carroll

    the puritanic theology of J Paul 2nd doesn;t surprise me. people who are gay have a spirituality which could educate the church, if it took the cotton wool out of their ears. what ever happened to the words of Pope Francis, whom am I to judge