Sign of a robust church

Sign of a robust church

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I have only just come across this inspiring little piece written by Paul Andrews SJ when he was in New Zealand 5 years ago:

“Here is a story that gives some flavour of the robust church down under: one of the Dunedin priests, who is highly episcopabilis, received a polite letter from the Papal Nuncio saying that he had heard this man was in favour of women’s ordination, and would he like to comment on this? “What a joy,” he wrote back, “to get a letter from a nuncio in the middle of all the bills and appeals and complaints that fill my letter box! And what an interesting question! Of course I’m in favour of the ordination of women! Don’t you think that we boys need all the help we can get? I am so pleased you asked me, and I appreciate, of course, that my answer will debar me from any ecclesiastical preferment in the future! That too gives me great satisfaction. Thank you, nuncio, for carrying out these thankless tasks that go with your job.” The nuncio wrote back a gracious thanks for his letter and admitted to a certain sadness over the whole operation.” (

yes, a good sign of a “robust” church….. I wonder whether our nuncio Charles Brown has had a similar experience here in Ireland?

Soline Humbert

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